Frequently Asked Questions


Social Distance:

  • Please keep a 6ft distance between your group and other groups both on and off the boat at all times.
  • We will have 6ft markers both on the dock and on the boat for your reference.
  • We have reduced our capacity in order to ensure a proper amount of distance is available for all of our guests.


Face Coverings:

  • Face coverings are required during check-in, loading, sailing, and unloading from the vessel.
  • If you are able to maintain a 6ft+ distance between other groups on board while sailing then you may remove your mask. Masks must be worn while crew is serving you food and beverage.
  • For the safety of our employees, guests, and community, if you are unable to abide by our face-covering rules then we kindly ask that you reframe from attending the sail.



  • We will be sanitizing the entire office and boat before, during and after each charter.
  • Bathrooms on the vessel will be sanitized between each use.
  • We will have hand sanitizer located in multiple areas on the vessel for customer and crew use.


Carry-on Items:

  • Please only bring absolute necessities on board. We strongly discourage stowage of bags as the cabin is off-limits to guests at this time.
  • Employees are available to assist customers who need to store items below.
  • Please do not go below deck without consent of a crewmember.
  • No hard coolers or large canvas coolers are allowed as the cabin is off-limits to guests at this time. Please only bring small canvas coolers that can be kept with you throughout the sail.


Food & Beverage Service:

  • Captain and Crew will be wearing masks and gloves at all times.
  • Customers must have on their mask in order to be served.
  • We will be serving a limited selection of food and beverage for the foreseeable future.


Restroom Use:

  • Please do not go below deck without the consent of a crewmember.
  • The crew will sanitize the restroom after each use.


No Returns:

  •  All merchandise is final sale, as we cannot accept returns once the items have left our store at this time.


Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy and safe!

All sails are tentative until our 15 passenger minimum has been reached, 24 hours prior to the scheduled charter. All sails are tentative due to rain or other hazardous weather conditions.

For passenger safety, no shoes with heels are allowed. This means no high heels, wedges, or heeled boots or any shoes with leather soles, no exceptions. To prevent damage to the deck, only non-skid rubber or white-soled shoes are allowed on board. It is important that you dress warmly and comfortably. Bring a jacket and wear sunscreen.

NOTE: Chardonnay Sailing Charters is not responsible for any items left on board.

All passengers 18 years of age and older must carry photo ID per Coast Guard regulation and for the purpose of possible alcohol consumption during excursions.

“Visitor parking stalls are located near the check-in office at 790 Mariner Park Way. After finding a Visitor spot, proceed to one of the two available pay stations to pay for parking. The nearest pay station is located at Dock F, near the Stagnaro’s boat, the Velocity. The other pay station is located at the opposite end of the parking lot, near Aldo’s Restaurant.

At either pay station guests will be able to use cash, quarters or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) to pay for the amount of time they will be parked. The price is $1.25/hour. We recommend paying for 3 hours to allow for check in, embarking and disembarking the boat. The pay station will issue each person a parking slip to display on their dashboard. Passengers must meet us at the Harbor check-in office to sign in for the sail.

Please allow plenty of time for parking and instruct others in your group to do the same. There are only 2 pay stations at the harbor and many guests that need to use them. Carpooling is greatly encouraged.”

Check-in begins 30 minutes prior to any scheduled charter. It is important to be on time for check in to allow sufficient time for all guests to be signed in so the boat can depart on schedule. Please instruct everyone in your group that EACH adult is responsible for signing in for themselves AND for any minor(s) in their care. Adults are not permitted to sign for other adults, as you are signing a Guest Registry, Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk of Hazardous Activity.

Once each passenger signs in, he/she will receive a boarding pass that they are responsible for until they turn it in upon boarding the boat. Each passenger must hold his/her own boarding pass, unless in the case a parent or guardian chooses to retain the boarding pass for any minor(s) in his/her care.

Chardonnay II is located at Dock FF. At the conclusion of check in, passengers will be led to the boat from the landing above the dock by a crew member. Please let your group know to remain on the landing outside the check-in office until the time comes to be led down to the boat. Each person must hold his/her own boarding pass, unless in the case a parent or guardian chooses to retain the boarding pass for any minor(s) in his/her care.

People of all ages are welcome aboard Chardonnay Sailing Charters. Each child counts as a passenger regardless of age. For pricing, any passenger that is 14 years of age and under is considered a child. Children that are 3 years of age and under must have a reservation, but will be given a complimentary spot aboard the boat unless we fill to capacity, at which time child pricing will be charged. The Chardonnay office will contact you in the event that the boat fills to capacity and we must charge for the child.

Children’s Life Jacket Policy: All children that are 12 years of age and under and weigh 90 pounds or under are required to wear a life jacket per Coast Guard regulation.  Please provide the office a list of the age and weight of every child that will be under your reservation prior to the scheduled sail.

The Chardonnay II and the Chardonnay III are both Coast Guard inspected and carry all required insurance. The boats are equipped with full safety equipment including life vests to accommodate every passenger in the event that lifejackets are necessary. Passengers are not required to wear life vests unless they are under a certain age and weight (see Children’s Life Jacket Policy).

The Chardonnay II and the Chardonnay III are both zero-tolerance vessels- all crew members are drug and alcohol screened. The Chardonnay II and the Chardonnay III are Licensed, Insured, and Coast Guard Inspected.

The dock is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, the boats are not. Passengers that occupy a wheelchair will be provided any needed assistance to board the boat without their wheelchair. Please let the office know when making your reservation if any passengers in your group require special accommodations.

Smoking is not allowed aboard Chardonnay Sailing Charters. Kindly refrain from smoking in the area of the check-in office, the dock or the picnic tables outside the check-in office. Please note that vape pens are also not permitted aboard our vessels.

You can cancel your reservation more than 48 hours ahead of your scheduled charter. If notice is received less than 48 hours prior to the charter, full charges are applicable. The parties acknowledge that Chardonnay Sailing Charters is excused from performance in the event of severe weather conditions, lack of passengers, natural disaster or labor dispute that prevents performance. In that event, the balance will be refunded.

Any damages caused by guests to the Chardonnay II or the Chardonnay III are the responsibility of that guest.

Pricing includes the food and beverages served aboard unless it is a Tuesday/Thursday Night Special. Passengers are welcome to bring anything they would like to enjoy (including alcoholic beverages) in addition to what is being served. Picnic style finger foods are strongly recommended. If it is a Tuesday or Thursday Night Special please note that the excursion is BYO only, no food and beverages will be included in the sail and will not be included in the charges. Cups, plates and utensils will not be provided on these sails.

Only passengers 21 years of age or over may consume alcoholic beverages on any sail. If a passenger has consumed enough alcohol that crew members no longer deem that the passenger is able to conduct themselves safely, the crew will stop serving that passenger alcohol.

The Chardonnay II is a zero tolerance vessel- all crew members are drug and alcohol screened. The Chardonnay II is Licensed, Insured, and Coast Guard Inspected.

The maximum capacity on board is 49 passengers for Chardonnay II, plus crew.

The maximum capacity on board is 38 passengers for Chardonnay III, plus crew.

There are NO exceptions to this capacity clause.

We do not have wifi aboard the boats, but you will have cell phone reception out on the water during your excursion.

We do not allow fishing from any of our vessels at any point during our public or private charters.